ACSC Logistics


Types of freight railway carriages. Wagon is a moving (integral) unit on the railway intended for the transportation of people and goods. Wagons are divided into passenger and freight cars. There are different types of freight wagons: clay, semi-trailing, covered, platform, hopper, dumpcars, refrigerator. Jaws are intended for transportation of liquid: for oil, gasoline, acids, water, milk, gas, hardened and dusty loads. The jars are cylindrical. The jaws may have heat insulation capability or equipment needed to heat the load, as well as special devices to control the load status. Main types: 4 axles 60-65t, eight axles 120-125t Halfway - Cargo, coal, copper ore, wooden and wooden materials, metal rolling. Specific type of semiconductors is intended for transportation of specially loaded goods. These types of wagons have special gates to unload cargo at the bottom or sides. Main types: four axles - 22-75t, eight axles 69-130t. Covered carriages - Used to carry loads required of mechanical impacts and weather conditions: grain, animals, paper materials, etc. Cargo Capacity: 25-72t Refrigerator (refrigerator) is the type of covered wagons used to carry loads that are frail. In these wagons, special equipment has been installed to ensure that the products (meat, fish, fruit and vegetable, oil, etc.) are kept in the required conditions. Load capacity: 25-40t. Platform - Used for the transport of long-haul loads: metal constructions, containers, technical loads and bulk cargoes that do not require protection from some precipitation. Specialized platforms include heavy containers, small cars, platforms for large wooden materials (fitting plaforms, etc.) Load capacity - 70-73t Xopper - Cargo truck, used for transportation of bulk cargo: coal, cement, flour, wheat , fertilizers. There are two main types of hopper: closed and open. Closed-loop hopper is used to transport loads that are important to protect from atmospheric precipitation. Open hopper is used for transportation of cargoes which can be freely wiped without harmful effects: coal-ore, ground, soil, sheba and so on. Load capacity - up to 180 t.