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About us

ACSC Logistics was established as a logistics company realizing sea, rail and road transport.The company was founded by CJSC Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company, which aims to foster full accomplishment of “Ancient Silk Road” particularly, Trans Caspian International Transport Route, as the shortest route between Asia and Europe, evaluation and the implementation of the possibilities of attraction additional cargo flow in this direction, also the increase of the throughout capacity of this corridor. Against the back drop of expansion of ports of The Caspian Sea, CJSC “ACSC” is carrying out systematic works to increase transport capacity in the offshore section of the trans-Caspian corridor. Fortoday, CJSC“ACSC” is the only ferry operatoron The Caspian Sea and operates 13 ferries with a total capacity of more than 500 railway carriages and annual transshipment capacity of more than 60,000 railway carriages. Inaddition, currently two new unique railway-car-passenger ferries are being built, commissioning of which is expected to take place in 2019. ACSC Logistics provides wide range of logistics services in Azerbaijan as well as over seas, successfully operates car parks of its partner organizations, guided by the interests of the partners in the first place.In a short time, the company has established itself as a reliable and responsible partner, a solvent customer and a clear performer. ACSC Logistics is a self-sufficient company aim of which is not gaining profits at any cost but the satisfaction of its customers providing high-quality service to them. Being loyal to the traditions laid down by CJSC“ ACSC”, each employee of ACSC Logistics is guided by the principles:
- Building long-term partnerships
- Transparent and clear tarif fpolicy
- Implementation of innovative working methods
- Providing high-standard services
- Providing the best conditions for its customers
- Carrying out preventive measures to eliminate possible costs, as well as promptness in resolving the issues that might arise
- Professional and timely fulfillment of duties according to agreements

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ACSC Logistics provides the full range of logistics services on the Trans-Caspian International Transport Corridor and in the whole region. The implementation of the largest regional transport projects with the support of the Azerbaijani state opens up new high possibilities for organizing logistics services in the region, as well as for all the transit routes North-South, East-West through Azerbaijan.
ACSC Logistics is a member of the consortium of the Trans-Caspian International Transport Corridor. This route being modern model of the Ancient Silk Road, and the shortest transport corridor between Europe and Asia, turns into an attractive and tempting route for cargo flows in this direction. The consortium members have done a lot of work in this regard and actively continue it to achieve the most favorable conditions for transportation along this route. In 2017, the commissioning of the Baku-Akhalkalaki-Kars railway line, the launch of modern ports of Alat, Kuryk, the upgrade and increase in the capacity of other ports of the Caspian and Black Seas, as well as the increase in ferry crossings by the Caspian Shipping Company, represents the Trans-Caspian International Transport Corridor in a new form with a modern service level of service level throughout the route. n a new form with a modern service level of service level throughout the route. The main goal of the company will enhance logistics services in Azerbaijan, as well as the competitiveness of transport corridors through Azerbaijan and the attraction of freight flows in this direction.